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Miramar Barcelona: hotel, restaurant, bar, and now, art gallery

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Hotel Miramar Barcelona is always on the side of culture and art. That is why the room "Prefunction" of the hotel, a crossing point until now, has been recently trurned into an art gallery. Thanks to an agreement with Pigment Gallery, Hotel Miramar is now exhibiting works by several artists, and these art pieces are also on sale. Pigment Gallery works to promote and disseminate contemporary art, with the aim of publicising emerging artists and exhibiting their works at a national and international level. Both the artists and the works exhibited at the Hotel Miramar in Barcelona, most of them being paintings and sculptures, will be changing with the aim of giving visibility to as many talents as possible.  At this moment, if you come to see the exhibition of the Miramar art gallery you will find artworks by the artists Ramon Enrich, Alejandro Quinoces, Jesus Curià, Lidia Masllorens, Adalina Corominas and Manuel Mediavilla. The paintings are brought to us by Ramon Enrich, Alejandro Quinoces, Lidia Masllorens and Adalina Corominas. The works of Ramon Enrich, from Igualada but with international experience, show geometry, games of perspectives and shadows and avoid the human figure at all costs. On the contrary, Lidia Masllorens brings us paintings with close-ups of the human face that show very intimate emotions. Her work is a reflection on the human being. Alejandro Quinoces represents themes related to the daily environment in his works, things that have appeared on the media. Currently, his paintings focus on urban landscapes represented with a reduced colour palette but with a great variety of tonalities. The works of Adalina Corominas are a representation of the "wabi-sabi" philosophy, which wants to claim the beauty of imperfection and the grace of impermanence. This self-taught artist shows us the vulnerability of materials exposed to the effects of time and brings us a very intuitive work. Jesús Curiá and Manuel Mediavilla are the sculptors exposed right now in the art gallery of the Hotel Miramar. Curiá, who has exhibited his works around the world, is known for playing with textures and combining materials in such a way that his sculptures achieve a special magnetism. The work of Mediavilla, however, revolves around three main elements: the swimmer, the water and the animal. These three elements are related through a silent dialogue in most of his works. This agreement between Pigment Gallery and Hotel Miramar Barcelona does not have, for now, an expiration date and both guests and curious visitors can enjoy the art and even acquire any of the exhibited artworks if they wish.

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