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miramar | 09.04.2021

Sant Jordi is, without any doubt, the patron saint of lovers in Catalonia. To find the reason for the popularity of the celebration of the "Diada de Sant Jordi" (April 23rd) we have to go back to the middle of the 15th century. The legend of Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia since 1904, tells the story of a knight and protective hero who defeated a terrible dragon that terrorized the population of the small town of Montblanc, in the Conca de la Barberà. 

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webmaster_miramar | 01.04.2021

The Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the most healthy and varied. Despite on it, in Barcelona there is a big number of restaurants which allows us to travel through the world gastronomy without moving from the city.

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miramar | 12.04.2019

We love pampering  our guests so always  we try to surprise offering new experiences with  products that helps to get  these unique experiences.  Now it is the Silk moment,  for a healthy and restful sleep.

Since its discovery in China almost 5000 years ago, silk has always been associated with the quality and exclusivity of the raw materials and its derivative products. Today, it is also known that its intrinsic characteristics are beneficial for the health and help to ensure a healthy rest.  

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Hotel Miramar Barcelona is always on the side of culture and art. That is why for a few days the room "Prefunction" of the hotel, until now a passage room, has been converted into an art gallery. Thanks to an agreement with Pigment Gallery, Hotel Miramar is now exhibiting works by several artists that are also on sale. Pigment Gallery works to promote and disseminate contemporary art, with the aim of publicizing emerging artists and exhibiting their works at a national and international level.

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For us, February is synonymous with Saint Valentine and that's why we celebrate Valentine's Day every day!
We offer you the possibility of enjoying a package with all possible luxuries and, as an additional service, a romantic aromacology massage in our double cabin with essential oils of lavender, bergamot and tangerine, to induce an absolute relaxation of 45 minutes (€ 110).

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