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The Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the most healthy and varied. Despite on it, in Barcelona there is a big number of restaurants which allows us to travel through the world gastronomy without moving from the city.

If we do not want to move away too much kilometres, French cuisine is one of the closest. Le bistrot par excellence in Barcelona is called Cafe Emma. The trio of chefs with Michelin starts, Romain Fronell, Michel Saran and Daniel Brin sign all the creations which can be tasted there. The menu has a wide variety of dishes, all of them related to traditional French cuisine. Among these the blanquette de veau (miked beef roasted), the popular onion soup or the macaroni with lobster.

If we want to cross the Atlantic, Café Ninoska is a good option. This Peruvian restaurant provides a non-stop kitchen. It has been opened for 20 years and it is the forefather of Peruvian cuisine in Barcelona, in particular creole one. Despite on its menu is broad, tamales have to be tasted. They are corn pancakes with chicken, eggs and spices and wrapped in banana's leaves.

From African continent, we chose Ethiopian cuisine of Addis Abeba. The rustic establishment is really well decorated: colourful ropes, small tables and chairs and music which bring us hundreds of kilometres away. Here everybody takes food with their hands like the tradition of the country. Its vegetables mix, dorowot or segawot, do not leave indifferent. Even so, keep some appetite to taste their irresistible handmade desserts and savour an Ethiopian style coffee.

If we go into a Chinese restaurant and it is full of people from this country, it means we have succeed. Every day Olla de Sichuan is packed with Chinese residents in Barcelona who miss huo guo, a kind of Chinese fondue from Sichuan and Yunnan regions. The floor is full of diners around a hot and spicy soup pot. They put into it prawns, tofu, mushrooms, rice noodles... with their chopsticks. The election depends on the consumer!

Without moving from the Asian continent we can also taste the Vietnamese cuisine in Pho. The main character in this restaurant are soups. One of them, bún bò he, is spicy and it is cooked with lemon scent, beef and pork. Moreover it can be served with hot chili, soya shoots and two types of coriander. The restaurant is decorated with fuchsia, green and white tones. Experts say these colours help to be hungry.

Barcelona has a wide number of options for all kind of people. A perfect culinary trip for the restless palates.

Foto: Jocelyn & Cathy

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