miramar | 22.04.2015

Since the 15TH century, on April the 23rd, Catalonia celebrates the Sant Jordi’s Day. A celebration to honour its patron, as well as their protector hero, who, as the legend says, defeated the dragon and rescued the princess, as a symbol of victory against the evil.

Ever since, Sant Jordi has been proclaimed the patron of lovers in Catalonia. Following tradition, every man offers their beloved one a rose with a Senyera and a corn leaf, and in return, women offer a book to them.

This gift is not only between partners, but also for loved ones. The red rose symbolizes passion, the Senyera as the Catalonia flag and the corn leaf represents fertility.

Sant Jordi marks the beginning of spring. So it is time to go outside for a walk and enjoy the weather. Roses, books, Sardanas, Castellers and other exhibitions fill the streets and squares of all parts of Catalonia, making , one of  the most popular celebrations in Catalonia.

Happy Sant Jordi !

Drawing by Pol Domingo Corella- P5

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