Hotel Miramar Barcelona is always on the side of culture and art. That is why for a few days the room "Prefunction" of the hotel, until now a passage room, has been converted into an art gallery. Thanks to an agreement with Pigment Gallery, Hotel Miramar is now exhibiting works by several artists that are also on sale. Pigment Gallery works to promote and disseminate contemporary art, with the aim of publicizing emerging artists and exhibiting their works at a national and international level.

Both the artists and the works exhibited at the Hotel Miramar in Barcelona, most of them paintings and sculptures, will be changing with the aim of giving visibility to as many talents as possible.

From June 7 you can see the work of Adalina Corominas: This sample presents a very careful selection of a dozen works by the artist of large format, which include the work entitled El Cau, 183x155cm, mixed media and deconstruction on wood made in October 2016, the work entitled Empordà, 183 x 90 cm, mixed technique on wood and deconstruction, created in June 2017 and the work Sentimiento, 130x100cm, material and mixed media on wood of July 2015.
All the chosen works perfectly represent the technique, the tools, the materials and the will of the artist to approach nature, through its sensitive, harmonious outline. As described by the artistic director of the space Carmen Thyssen from Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Pilar Giró: "Adalina is attracted to move in the his pieces the infinite magic of the spirit that you see nature. to do so, in his work he always seeks the sincerity of the materials he uses and experiments with them until he finds the way to approach the felt truth of the heartbeat of the world. The harmony of the spiritual concept that develops in his painting goes hand in hand with the use of land and natural, ecological paintings, as it could not be otherwise. "
Ferran Josa, director of Pigment gallery, declares: "Working in this exhibition has been a pleasure and, at the same time, a challenge to select a representative part of the artist, since many of his works are large and have so much force, that we did not have enough space for all "

This agreement between Pigment Gallery and Hotel Miramar Barcelona does not have, for now, expiration date and both guests and curious visitors can enjoy the art and even acquire any of the exhibited works if they wish.


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