In the south west of Barcelona, a military fortress was built centuries ago. Castell de Montjuïc had been the scenario of a lot of incidents which has hatched the city's history. It was a symbol of repression during decades. Now it is a touristic place where amazing views can be seen.


Historic settlement

Its origins are found in the “Revolta dels Segadors” (Reapers' revolution), when the city had to protect itself from King Philip IV's attacks. During the “Guerra de Successió” (Succession's War) (1705-1714) it played an important role too. It defended Barcelona's citizens who resisted the continuous King Philip V bombings. Because of Barcelona's defeat in this conflict, Castell de Montjuïc change hands to the enemy. Then it became a place from which attack the city and lock up the dissidents.

Despite that, nowadays the castle has a cultural and social function. Some elements, which explain its history, can still be found. One of the most memorable spots is Santa Eulàlia moat. It was there where the president of the Generalitat of that time, Lluís Companys, was shot in 1940. A monument evokes the fact. The Patio de Armas (Parade Ground) and the Torre de Vigía (Lookout Tower) are other priceless parts of the fortress. In these two places, one of the most amazing views of the city can be seen.


Outside culture

Throughout the year, the castle hosts a lot of leisure activities for different audiences. This month, during Festes de La Mercè, takes place the MAC festival (Mercè Art al Carrer). International dance, circus and theatre companies will meet in Montjuïc on 19th and 20th of September. A big variety of performances that suites both adult and children audience.

During the MAC festival, the Van Van Market comes back to Castell de Montjuïc. Like last May, the Santa Eulàlia moat is going to be full of food trucks which are going to offer high-quality gastronomic products. This time, all the dishes will be related to the performances which will be played there. A popular party which joins gastronomy and culture in an outdoor place.

Despite on the wide variety of cultural events, we do not forget about Sala Montjuïc. If you fancy enjoying a VOSE film while you have dinner or have a drink with some friends, you cannot miss it. Santa Eulàlia moat hosts projections of classic and currently films during the summer. Although there are catering and hammock renting services, you can cook something at home and bring it as well.


A future with a lot possibilities

Nowadays, Castell de Montjuïc's refurbishment keeps going on. Two new projects will be ready soon. The Espai de la memòria (Memory place) will explain the conflict history and the relationship with the city. The Centre de Interpretació de la Muntanya de Montjuïc (Montjuïc Mountain Interpretation Center) deals with geological and biological history, and the human activity from the first citizens until now.

Photo: Justin

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