miramar | 14.08.2017

Every September Barcelona dresses up and gets ready for a big party: La Mercè (Our Lady of Mercy), patron of the Catalan capital, and the annual festival of the city since 1871. The festivity lasts several days and more than 1 million people take part in the activities organized throughout the city.


la Mercè 2017 will take place between the 22nd and 25th of September and the guest city of choice for this year's edition is Reykjavik (Iceland). Other cities, such as Quito, Stockholm, Montreal or Paris, were guest of honour in the previous years. The mayors of both cities have pointed out the similarities between Barcelona and Reykjavik, and have also mentioned that the Icelandic capital will bring music and very interesting and innovative visual projects to La Mercè 2017. 

The artist Javier Mariscal (creator of the famous Cobi for the 1992 Olympic Games) has been in charge of designing this year's poster, which shows Merche, a girl who's proud of being from Barcelona, and other items that represent the city. The announcement of La Mercè 2017 will be done by Philosopher Marina Garcés, known for her critical thinking.


As usual, the programme of La Mercè 2017 includes a lot of concerts, street performances, and fireworks, with the popular pyrotechnic-musical show that puts an end to the festival every year. Just like every year, Barcelona will welcome many artists between the 22nd and the 25th of September. Also, since the guest city this edition is Reykjavik, in this year's programme there will be many Icelandic bands and artists, that will let us discover what the island has to offer. Names like Samaris, Kiasmos, Grísalappalísa or Glowie probably don't sound familiar at the moment, but wait until the end of September and this might change.

It is still a bit early to know the rest of the artists that will be performing and all the activities that will take place during La Mercè 2017 but we are sure the high standards will be meet, just like it happens every September. Keep your eyes open and check Barcelona's Council website soon to find out more about La Mercè 2017 programme.

Header image by Ferad Zyulkyarov


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